How You Can Help?

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  1. Afrikaya Sponsorship

You can sponsor Afrikaya either by monthly donation or as a one off donation: for general purposes or a specific project.

a. General donations

Your donation goes straight into the school fund and will be spent on whatever the school needs most at that time, allowing each child to directly benefit from this donation.

To make a donation, we would prefer you to donate via JustGiving. If you are a UK tax payer, this makes Gift Aid on your donation much easier for us to collect.

If you would prefer, you can set up a monthly Direct Debit, please email us on for more information.

b. Child Sponsorship:

If you wish to sponsor an individual child, please go to Sponsor a Child

c. Choose Where Your Money Goes!

Be an active part of the Afrikaya Nursery School and choose where your money will go. Whatever your interest or size of donation, you can feel a big part of the make-up of the school.


Sponsor a school uniform for a non-sponsored child: Many of the families of non-sponsored children struggle to buy their school uniforms. Just £10 will buy 2 uniforms and school t shirt and skirt [for girls].

Sponsor a sack of rice: £20 will buy a week’s supply of rice for school lunches.

Sponsor Tiger, the school dog: £5 will go towards her food and vet’s bill.

Sponsor medication: £15 will buy a supply of malarial medication so that urgent cases can be treated on site by Baboucarr Sonko,  our school nurse. We regularly need to buy vitamin syrup, children’s pain killers, anti-fungal medication and so on

Sponsor the kitchen garden: £10 will buy seeds and pay for the additional help needed during site preparation and planting.

Sponsor school furniture: a chair for £10, with your name carved on it for a further £5; a school desk for £25; a classroom cupboard for £130.

Sponsor new roofs for the classrooms and toilet block – Our priority for fundraising during 2021. Now that the story building is complete, including a community center and adult skills center, we need to turn our minds to repairs and renovations. In particular, we need to replace the old tin roofs on the classrooms and toilet block with longer lasting roofing that will cope with the torrential downpours in the rainy season.  A donation, however small, towards this will be much appreciated. Donate here.

2. Come along to one of our fundraising events.

For more information, please go to individual events:

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