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Afrikaya child sponsorship advertWhy have a Child Sponsorship Programme?

All nursery schools in The Gambia are either private or are operated by charities. Many of the families in New Yundum are living hand to mouth and are not able to afford school fees, however small. Sponsored students are carefully chosen by members of the community.

State education starts at age 7 and teaching is almost exclusively in English. The majority of children live in families where English is not spoken. Therefore to start primary school at age 7 with no English puts these children at a huge disadvantage. At the Afrikaya Nursery School, the children are taught English but the teaching uses a mixture of local languages as well as English.

How many children do we have currently sponsored?

January 2021: There are 160 children in the school, 89 of whom are sponsored to attend by a total of 65 sponsors.

The Afrikaya Nursery School employs good quality staff, provides a nutritional programme for its students, provides learning material and makes sure teacher training is up to date. It also provides primary health care for its students.

What will sponsorship cost me?

£10 per calendar month payable via JustGiving or by Direct Debit – you choose.

What will sponsorship cover?

  • School Fees
  • School uniform
  • School materials such as reading books, exercise books, play materials, pens, pencils, paints, paper.
  • A light, healthy meal each school day.
  • A contribution to school development fund.
  • Health care and medication from a qualified nurse.

What will I get in return?

As a child’s sponsor, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you have helped a child’s future development, and will also receive:

  • Photo of the child you sponsor.
  • Family profile.
  • Progress report & up to date photo each school year.
  • Copy of the Afrikaya Child Protection Policy.
  • A copy of the Afrikaya Child Sponsorship Policy
  • A copy of the Visits Policy
  • Regular information from Afrikaya.

If you are interested in becoming a Child Sponsor, please read the 3 policies and the Privacy Statement below and complete the application form. Return the form to us following the instructions on the form. Email: afrikayathecharity@gmail.com

If you wonder why we only provide sponsorship until a child moves on to Primary School, please read The Ethics of Children Sponsorship

Afrikaya Child Sponsorship Policy September 2019

Afrikaya child-protection-policy


Application to become an Afrikaya Child Sponsor feb 2019

privacy statement 2

Afrikaya students 2017
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